Certified Organic Produce

About the Farm

The year was 1968, our family found there way down to the Rio Grande valley of south Texas and there they set down roots. Soon after their arrival they purchased their first fruit grove on a whim and unexpectedly found themselves farmers. That first few acres soon grew as more acreage was added. The farm has been certified organic through TDA and USDA since the year 2000. Nearly 50 years later, the farm is now in its second generation and still growing strong with a commitment to the common sense farming practices that have been handed down. We take great pride in the fruit we grow and that is reflected in its exceptional taste, color, and healthfulness.

We are committed to moving toward a more sustainable form of agriculture. We accomplish this by following traditional, time tested methods that have been used for generations. For example, in conventional agriculture today weed control is handled using herbicides and energy intensive mechanical means. This practice leaches the soil and add chemicals into the land and fruit. Instead, we use a flock of sheep and llamas to manage our weeds, which also serves to fertilize the crops naturally. We use efficient, water saving drip irrigation systems to conserve precious water resources. Our fruit is entirely tree-ripened and hand harvested. This means that no unnatural means or chemicals are used to ripen the fruit as you often find in modern conventional agriculture. This also means that the fruit are handled with more care and receive less bruising and damage during harvest. Our techniques also make it so that we only need to run equipment a few of times throughout the growing season, conserving fuel and resources.

With the rise in consumer interest in organic foods you would think that organic farmers would be on the rise, that is sadly not the case. Small organic farms are being eclipsed by agriculture conglomerates and large corporations who now control the majority of the ag land in the United States. We have watched many of our neighboring farms get gobbled up or pushed out. There are not too many organic citrus growers left down here in the Rio Grande valley. By purchasing farm-direct you are supporting organic farmers and helping us to continue delivering the highest quality organic produce available.