Certified Organic Produce

Selection and Care

Grapefruit Selection Guide

Good quality Pink or Ruby Red Grapefruit will have smooth, firm and shiny skin. Pick fruit that is medium to large and heavy for its size. Most red or pink grapefruit will have a rich yellow coloring and a slight rose colored blush to the skin, while others will be yellow. Some varieties will “re-green” if they remain on the tree long enough. Skin color does not indicate ripeness, nor does it affect the flavor or quality of the fruit. Avoid product that is soft or has dull or wrinkled skin with deep folds.

Grapefruit Storage Guide

Store in the refrigerator for up two to three weeks. If mold appears, discard bad fruit immediately.


Orange Selection Guide

Oranges can re-green after picking so skin color is not a good indication of fruit quality. Select oranges that are firm and heavy for their size. Select oranges with smooth, finely-textured skin.  Even greened fruit can be fully ripe and juicy. Avoid product with soft spots, dull and faded coloring or rough, grooved or wrinkled skin.

Orange Storage Guide

Store oranges in the refrigerated for up to two weeks. If mold appears discard bad fruit immediately.